Comfy Crawlers Provide Protection for Babies

(Ft. Lauderdale, FL; November 16, 2006) Gissy Bella's new and innovative crawling pants provide padded protection to crawling babies. Known as Comfy Crawlers these pants just might be the answer to all concerned parents with babies in the crawling and toddling stages. Unlike any other pants on the market today, Comfy Crawlers are designed to beautifully provide the kind of protection that babies need as they learn to crawl. While crawling is sometimes dismissed as merely the gateway to walking, most children actually spend several months of their young lives exploring the world on hands and knees.

Comfy Crawlers designer and full-time mom Marina Westerdahl of South Florida, was concerned about her own son as he began crawling on the tile floors in her family home. Knowing that creeping about on hard surfaces for hours a day can be unpleasant and damaging to baby's delicate knees, she scoped the market for pants that would safeguard her little boy. When her search ended in vain she pulled out her own sewing machine and designed padded pants herself. Orders from other moms began pouring in, and in early 2006 Gissy Bella was born. Comfy Crawlers may now be found both online and in small boutiques catering to the discriminating parent. Their appeal is unsurprising; they fill a niche that has otherwise been overlooked for far too long.

Comfy Crawlers are the ultimate pants for baby in both form and function. The palette of color choices is rich and luscious, ranging from mellow melon to sweet pea green. The gorgeous ultra-suede is stain-resistant, breathable and washes like a dream. They also feature adjustable waist elastic to accommodate a variety of bellies, and cushy pads on both the knees and bum to cushion inevitable falls. They come in three sizes that fit babies from 6 to 24 months, spanning perfectly over the typical stages of crawling and toddling.

Gissy Bella pants are made only in the U.S., by mothers and grandmothers who personally benefit from the success of Gissy Bella, and who take pride in providing this special, high quality product. These are the pants you want for your baby to wear every day. Designed by a mommy and loved by babies, they're the pants you'll put in your little one's keepsake box so she may give them to her own baby one day. For more information,


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